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StorageMart Uses Call Extensions to Boost Phone Sales

August 2017


When customers are looking for the right self storage options, they often call StorageMart directly to get fast answers to their questions. Partnering with its digital marketing agency Linkmedia 360, StorageMart used call bid adjustments to significantly improve the visibility of its call extensions and drive more sales over the phone.

StorageMart offers clean, easy, and affordable storage options to customers on the move. With 196 locations across the U.S., Canada, and U.K., StorageMart is the world’s largest privately-owned storage company.



increase in call volume


lower cost-per-call


  • StorageMart generates 3X more storage rentals from calls vs. online bookings.
  • With over 45% of calls converting to new customer sales, the brand wanted to drive continuous growth in call volume.
  • To achieve this, StorageMart needed to show its call extensions more frequently on campaigns with high call conversion rates.


  • StorageMart applied call bid adjustments across its non-branded and branded search campaigns.
  • The brand increased bids on campaigns with strong call conversion rates, including branded campaigns and those using remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA).
  • On RLSA campaigns, StorageMart found that previous website visitors are more likely to convert when they speak to a sales representative directly. As a result, it added a call-to-action to its search ads to encourage users to call rather than click..
  • The brand will continue to identify which markets and campaigns see higher call conversion rates and stronger online form submission rates. It will use these insights to adjust bids accordingly and create the best possible customer experience.

“Any time we can increase phone calls to our business, there’s a direct lift to the bottom line. Call bid adjustments give us more granular control over when to show the call button. It helps ensure we’re spending as efficiently as possible, while also maximizing sales. As more of our digital spend shifts to mobile, call bid adjustments will remain a staple of how we optimize performance.”

– Sarah Little, Marketing Director at StorageMart

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