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Shoe Carnival’s Product Promotion Extentions

October 2017


Shoe Carnival’s large product line made it difficult for the brand to update its ever-changing sales and promotions. To better showcase its sales and stand out on the search results page, Shoe Carnival turned to promotion extensions.

As one of the nation’s largest family footwear retailers, Shoe Carnival offers a broad assortment of footwear for men, women, and children online and in more than 400 stores across 33 states and Puerto Rico.



increase in click-through rate


increase in return on ad spend (ROAS)


decrease in cost per acquisition


  • Shoe Carnival wanted to highlight its latest sales and promotions for potential customers
  • Faced with a large inventory and an ever-changing promotional calendar, the brand wanted an efficient way to keep its search campaigns up-to-date with its latest special offers
  • In the highly competitive retail industry, the brand knows how important it is to stand out on the search results page


  • Along with its agency Hanapin Marketing, Shoe Carnival used promotion extensions to quickly roll out new offers
  • Shoe Carnival used promotion extensions to cover more real estate on the search results page while delivering more relevant, informative ads
  • With less effort needed to set up promotions, the brand was able to free up more time and budget to invest in future shopping and display campaigns
  • The brand now plans to test different promotion extension features within Google Ads, like special occasion labels and scheduled expiration dates

“Promotion extensions allowed us to include an additional offer into our overall ad messaging, giving people more reason to visit our site. This new feature should be in every ecommerce advertiser’s toolbox.”

– Michael Nuss, Director of Digital Marketing at Shoe Carnival

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