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Etermax's In Game Advertising for Trivia Crack

May 2016


Etermax, a leader in cross-platform game development in Latin America, was eager to get more people around the world to play on its mobile app, Trivia Crack. By running a universal app campaign, the company expanded its global reach to mobile users across Search, Play, YouTube, and the Display network.

Founded in 2009, has become one of the leading social games companies in Latin America with products used and loved around the world. Etermax’s team of entrepreneurial designers, developers, and engineers create games that are played by 20 million daily active users. Over the years, Etermax established a strong global brand and acquired users for its app largely through word-of-mouth as a result of its excellent products. The team wanted to find a way to help accelerate expansion of its Trivia Crack app globally at scale with Google. To tackle that challenge, Etermax decided to try universal app campaigns (UAC) for in-game advertising.



lower cost-per-install than other channels


downloads in first two months of campaign


  • Grow revenue
  • Acquire high-quality users at scale
  • Expand globally in the U.S., India, South Africa, and Denmark


  • Create a brand-new universal app campaign for Etermax’s mobile app, Trivia Crack
  • Measure ROI and volume of app installs on Search, Display, and YouTube

A focus on mobile app growth at scale

As Trivia Crack’s user base grew organically around the world, the team decided to invest in accelerating its growth. The app was all about users playing and connecting across countries, so Etermax decided to focus on expanding its app in key areas: the United States, India, South Africa, and Denmark. The team not only wanted to find new users, but also find quality users who would engage with the app as well. As a result, the team decided to try UAC for in-game advertising.

A UAC was a simple, automated solution to help Etermax acquire quality users at scale. The campaign automatically generated and tested ads across Search (which included the new Play inventory), Display, and YouTube and quickly learned which ad creatives worked best to find the quality users that Etermax wanted. It also automated bidding, which kept the average cost-per-install efficient and allowed the campaign to stay within budget. By using one single UAC, Etermax was able to reach users at scale with the right creative ad at the right micro-moment.

Universal app campaigns deliver quality users at scale

Etermax set up its UAC within minutes by entering only three key pieces of information: a target cost-per-install and budget, a sample ad text, and the locations where the company wanted the ads to run. UAC automatically pulled graphics and assets from Etermax’s app from the Play store and auto-generated ads and keywords, making the process incredibly simple.

Etermax’s focus was to generate high-quality installs at scale and measure success of the UAC based on both the ROI and the volume of app installs generated from the campaign. After implementing the UAC, the cost-per-install of Trivia Crack was 40% lower than other channels. Etermax’s investment to find high-quality users around the world was a success.

“Trivia Crack is about users getting to play across countries. It’s always our goal to grow around the world. Because of the simple setup and the reach available, universal app campaigns is top of mind when we think about scaling our efforts. It’s simply the easiest way to keep expanding globally.”

– Etermax User Acquisition Team

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